CORPORAL DIS(CONNECT) Standard Mode & Intoxicated Mode #2

DVD stills - Channel 1 & 2


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In the two-channel video, CORPORAL DIS(CONNECT) Standard Mode & Intoxicated Mode #2, Coelho performs two repetitive gestures in order to explore how the mind and body construct and interpret certain rhythmic patterns under different stimuli.

In Channel 1, fingers are seen interacting in a recurring pattern; where the movements appear synchronized. In contrast, Channel 2 shows the artist challenging the physicality and control of this action by becoming intoxicated. The pattern is disrupted as the external stimulus of alcohol becomes internalized and the mind struggles to decipher the movement; as well as re-establish it.

As a result, the rhythmic action becomes impeded and the artist struggles for a sense of normalcy. This personal exploration brings to light how we manipulate life through pattern and behaviour and how external stimulus can often affect our reactions; which we cannot often oppress. These actions were performed at the navel area; the central part of our body, where we derive our core sense of identity and security.

CORPORAL DIS(CONNECT) Standard Mode & Intoxicated Mode #2 is a

personal investigation of behaviour involving the interactions between mind and body.  The artist will continue to explore these relationships while developing future projects.
- Davide Allison

 Exhibition History
(Solo Screenings)
“under my skin... under your skin”, Curator Lina Vincent Sunish (Travelling Screening)

• 2014 : Fotogalleriet, Oslo-Norway. Moderator Stephanie von Spreter; Greatmore Studios, Cape Town-South Africa. Moderator Nosana Sondiyazi; Hyderabad Literary Festival, India. Moderator: Koeli Mukherjee Ghosh

• 2013 : DWIH New Delhi, Ahmedabad-India. Moderator Lina Vincent Sunish; Corner College, Zurich-Switzerland. Modertaor Stefan Wagner; S.a.L.E. Docks, Venice-Italy. Moderator Daniele Capra; Commune Image, Saint Ouen-France. Moderator Cécile Bourne-Farrell; Palais Bleu, Trogen-Switzerland. Moderator Karin Bühler; Ladakh Arts and Media Organisation (LAMO), Leh-India. Moderator Dr. Christopher Wright; Nepal Bharat Library, Kathmandu-Nepal. Moderator Sujan Chitrakar

2 channel video running time: 1 minute loop